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For Sale - Updated 4-20-2011
Welcome to our Sales Barn! Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a purchase (envelope icon above). We always have new animals and extras on this page so please check back often! Thank you!
Registered Guinea Hogs

Piglets are born almost every month here on the farm. These guys are low maintenance, economical and perfect for the small farm. Plus their meat is some of the best tasting pork you can buy. Please contact us for availability.

$350 each
Muscovy Ducks

We have muscovy's on our farm throughout the year. There are many beautiful colors to choose from including chocolate, lavender, black, white, and multi-colored. Please contact us to see what we have available for you

Adult Muscovy's - $35.00

We also sell meat by the bird/ per pound, processed from a certified butcher - $6.00 / lb
Eggs - When available depending on the season

Chicken eggs (non fertile) - $3.50 / dozen
Quail eggs (fertile - to raise or eat) - $3.50 / dozen
Goats are very social animals and we require that they go to a home that has at least one other goat. We are also very selective on pairing the right goat to the right owner. If you are new to having goats, let us help find the right pair for you.
Trinity Ridge TR Sea Breeze - $225
Breezy was born 4-12-2010 to Medallion Ridge Bailey who is an amazing doe that has shown incredible milk capacity for her first freshening. Breezy takes after her dam and is very dairy with a small refined body. Her sire, Trinity Ridge Rogue Tiburon, is out of my herd sire Dublin and our best milker Emily. He is the perfect blend of his lineage and brings these characteristics to Breezy. She is such a sweet and spunky little doeling with so much personality and the most adorable face. She is petite and I think will stay on the smaller side. Breezy will make a wonderful milker or just a precious pet.
Deer Run Forget-Me-Not - $200
Forget-Me-Not has blue eyes and is a full sister to our doe Beryl. We purchased Forget-Me-Not because Beryl is such a persistent milker that never dries up and we expect Forget-Me-Not to be the same. Forget-Me-Not's body type is that of the older style of Nigerians and is a lot like her dam who was a foundation dam for the Deer Run Farm. She is a larger doe and can be a bit of a bully when she wants to be. She has plenty of body capacity and nice rear leg angulation. We have not had kids from her yet so I can't comment on her udder. I expect Forget-Me-Not to be a wonderful milker and mother like her sister.
None at this time, but you can reserve yours now. More kids will be born in the Fall 2011!
Coturnix Quail

We have quail available all year round and they may a wonderful additional to any farm.

Adult Quail - $9.00 / pair
Icelandic Sheep

Lambing season starts in April. Check back soon to see available lambs and wool products for sale!
Wild Mountain Honey

Honey is available seasonally only. Check out our "honey bee" page under "other animals" for more information.
New arrivals are here!
We have 4 new doelings available born March 2011 - Please see "new arrivals" page for more information.
Thank you!